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My View on Indecisive People January 23, 2007

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This morning my eyes would reflect that I am royally annoyed. (Last night they were the dreaded bright green color!) I had an experience last night with someone who I have really gone out of my way to help get a new job. When I say really helped, I mean I helped edit their resume, gave them tips on some additional skills they needed to add to their skillset, told them where they could find additional tutorials and training, sent them the job notice, etc. Because I know them so well, I also kept asking them if they were sure they were ready to make a change. The answer was always a big “yes.”

So, last night I called to congratulate them on getting an interview. That’s when the person informed me that they were, in fact, going to cancel their interview because they’d changed their mind and didn’t want to move after all. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

I guess I have very little tolerance for indecisiveness because I, personally, am a very decisive person. Right or wrong, I have no problem making a decision and then living with the consequences. The science that surrounds this indecisive angst is just foreign to me. I don’t agonize over what to wear, what to cook or what to watch on TV. It’s just inconceivable to me that someone would go all the way through a process like applying for a job, accept an interview and only then decide they no longer want to move. REALLY!

Note: I just love typing in all capital letters. It just looks so emphatic! I somehow get the impression that those people who know me are really sensing how loudly I’m yelling when I type in all caps. Now, if I could only manage to figure out how to write descriptively the impression of my arms waving wildly or my foot stomping in frustration.

How do you handle indecisive people. Frustrating or not a big deal?


2 Responses to “My View on Indecisive People”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly…indecisive folks are frustrating. However, I find that you can only lead the horse to water, you can’t make them drink. You did your part…and very well I might add…and you’re not the one that has to live with the consequences. Your conscience should be clear as crystal.

  2. I’m often accused of being indecisive, but I maintain that I’m actually supremely easy-going. I don’t care which movie I see, or where I eat, etc.. I’ll enjoy whatever is chosen, and am often reticent to pick in case the other person has strong feelings toward one option but is too polite to speak up. If I have a preference, I’ll voice it. If the other person can’t make a decision, I’ll choose an option. Of course, this is for minor stuff. A decision about moving and taking a new job is quite different. When it comes to the big, life-altering stuff, I make snap decisions and jump right in. That’s how I went from 28 years of opposing marriage to being married in only four short days!

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