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Standing Tall (or, not falling on your fanny in the driveway) January 24, 2007

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My driveway doesn’t seem terribly steep. Unless, however, it is covered with ice. Not only is the driveway covered, but, so is the entire lawn. And, sitting proudly at the bottom of this incline is my mailbox and my newspaper. Hmmm, what a dilemma. How badly do I really want that stack of magazines, junkmail and bills resting in the little metal box down there? Do I really want to embarass myself and risk losing my dignity in front of the whole neighborhood by sliding down the hill and falling on my fanny in front of them? After all, I KNOW they’re looking out their windows because they wave when they see me looking out mine!

There is hope, though, for reaching the mailbox without falling prone on the ice and breaking something (like the concrete underneath). A few days ago, one of the people I work with came in with the cutest little things to slip on over your shoes to give you extra grip on the ice. I thought my husband definitely needed a pair. So, I bought him a heavy-duty set and bought a set for myself that was a little lighter weight and that I could toss in my purse during bad weather. What a great purchase! I can hardly wait to try them out tonight when I trek down to the mailbox. Now the only thing the neighbors will need to fear is seeing me bend over to pick up the newspaper! 🙂

If you’re interested in some of these for yourself, check out


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