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My View on Service January 29, 2007

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I received an interesting word this morning from Wordsmith’s “Word of the Day.” It seemed almost providential because it perfectly echoed my thoughts and views of the past week and is especially on my mind following our sermon at church yesterday. The word is cynosure. It means:

1. One who is the center of attraction or interest.
2. One serving for guidance or direction.

Amazing, isn’t it, how one word can have two definitions that are the exact opposite of one another. It is such a perfect description, though, of something our pastor said yesterday. To pursue a particular position in the church in order to serve oneself instead of serving God is wrong. That one sentence seems to sum up both descriptions of cynosure. To serve oneself often puts us in the position of description #1, basking in the center of attention and becoming the focal point or interest of others. However, to serve God is to place yourself in a discipleship role and one that places the responsibility of guidance and direction of others squarely on our shoulders.

Many years ago, I went through a long period of time in which I refused to sing a solo in church. In fact, it was at least a couple of years. It wasn’t because I was being stubborn or obstinate. It was because I was dealing with cynosure in myself. I realized that I wanted to sing more because I enjoyed the applause and compliments than singing praises to God. When I began to see what had happened to me and to my gift, I pulled away for awhile until I felt I could offer myself again in the way that I should, completely to honor the Father.

It’s very interesting how the regular Word-of-the-day email could become a morning devotion in and of itself. I love it when God’s plan comes together!


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