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Marie Antoinette February 4, 2007

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The trip to St. Louis was good, apart from the snow and being unable to sleep well. I never sleep well in hotels. The strange noises, the unfamiliar bed, having my normal routine interrupted and being by myself usually add up to insomnia. So, I did what all poor travelers do who find themselves unable to sleep in a hotel. I bought one of those highly overpriced movies to put me to sleep.

This trip’s selection was one that I had secretly wanted to see, but, knew it would be a cold day before the men in my house would be willing to watch it with me. In other words, it was a chick flick. I watched the new Marie Antoinette film starring Kirsten Dunst. My view of this movie in one word was: interesting. It was a bit unnerving to watch a period piece set to modern music. The costumes were amazing. The acting was only so-so. However, it served it’s purpose and after it was over I drifted off to sleep. I only woke up one more time during the night when it sounded as though the garbage trucks had arrived and were emptying the dumpsters. I think that was about 3 a.m. A very odd time to be picking up the trash.

Usually these trips involve at least one or two fabulous dinners. Unfortunately, this one included nothing special. We ate at two restaurants named for Cardinals baseball celebrities. Pujol’s was the first on the list. I ordered roasted chicken risotto. I normally love risotto, but, this was perhaps the worst I’d ever eaten. Completely tasteless and undercooked. Too bad…

The other meal was at Ozzie’s. I learned my lesson and just ordered a cheeseburger figuring it was a safer bet in a sports bar environment. At least that meal was pretty good. It was good to get home again. I made homemade clam chowder for dinner tonight and it was just what the doctor ordered on a below freezing night in Small Town, USA!

What movies did you watch this week to help YOU fall asleep?


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