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My view on Webcams February 8, 2007

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Yesterday I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time defending my position on webcams. I even took a phone call from a veterinarian in Indiana who wanted to ensure that I knew how important it was for him to have access to a certain webcam so he could check the weather here in our state because he has a farm here. (By the way, nothing was further from the intended purpose of said webcam, so it really didn’t make much of an impression on me.)

Time out! Since when did having a webcam become both a priority and a privelege? I’ll set aside my first impression of some webcams I’ve seen. You know, the ones that seem to serve those voyeuristic tendencies some people have. No, I’ll focus on the fact that some webcams present risks that folks here where I work don’t often think about. We forget about the people that use webcams to show the world foolish pranks that seem innocent, but, cost PR people a lot of time when having to deal with the press, parents, administrators, etc. We forget that there are people in the world who just aren’t nice and would use the webcam for the wrong reasons, like stalking. We forget that there are a lot of other priorities that can’t be funded because of limited resources and that doing something like investing in webcams is both frivolous and unnecessary. We forget that some people simply don’t like the thought of being watched without their knowledge or permission. It’s called “privacy.”

I would agree that occasionally a webcam has a useful purpose, but, those times should be well thought and well planned. And that, dear readers, is what I think about that. Hmmph!

Now that I’ve completely slammed webcams, are there any you find useful? I’m always open to being convinced that I’m wrong.


3 Responses to “My view on Webcams”

  1. I’m a big fan of personal privacy (see, I even use an alias on blog comments!) and feel quite uncomfortable in front of any kind of camera, but especially a webcam that can be broadcast all over the Internet. That said, I have really enjoyed two webcams – one that broadcast from an elephant sanctuary and another that broadcast from some sort of whale tank. I couldn’t see the whales whenever I checked, but the noises were so soothing and womb-like (I’ve been told) that I’d let it play in the background to calm me while I wrote my thesis. I doubt either the elephants or the whales minded my peeking in on their private time or conversations; I would mind, though, if they were watching me.

  2. SpideyMizzou Says:

    It’s funny…the younger the generation, the more blatant disregard for one’s personal security. Take a few minutes perusing Facebook and you’ll see…the young’uns don’t mind their mugs up on the Internet for all to see…in various degree of embarrassing acts.

    As for kewl Web cams…check this African preserve one out. My friend Bud loves it.

  3. Rizzyd Says:

    “To View or not to view thats is the question…” While I and a big fan of Privacy and the distribution of information on a need to know basis, I find it funny that a person who allows Part of his life, and quite probably his passing, to be filmed Raging aganst a simple device as a web cam.

    Does this mean i want one in my livingroom? NO. but then the Discovery channel isn’t paying me untold amounts of money to watch me work. My view may be diffrent if it were Although for the life of me I cant see why anyone would want to watch me clean and take care of my family on a weekly basis.

    Yer show had gained a large fan base and the fans view the web cam hoping to get a glimps of one of the captians or crews they have grown to love and at some times feel like they are part of the viewers family ( thats a note for another blog) why try to rally to remove them? As with most people who have gained an amount of fame the first thing they yell about is personal privacy… well didn’t you agree to go before a camera in the begining?

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