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Tongue-tied! February 9, 2007

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I was in a very entertaining meeting this morning. It wasn’t your usual garden-variety directors meeting. No, this one was a 6th grade silly free-for-all that frequently erupted into uncontrollable giggles. It’s an even funnier scenario when you realize that everyone around that table was at least age 35-55.

It was probably the natural reaction to a week of stress and too much cold weather boredom. Or, it could have been the chocolate covered Oreos I brought to sweeten everyone up. Perhaps it was watching one of our students throwing up on live TV on YouTube. Whatever it was, the result was a directors meeting where not much was accomplished.

One of the funniest moments was during what should have been a very serious discussion about pandemic flu communications. My boss tried, he REALLY tried to get through it without completely losing control. But, when the poor guy mispronounced a physicians name and said “Pooperstock”, the 6th grade silliness just took over. That was it–we were done. We never got close to my agenda item which was, not surprisingly, webcams. But really, how could I have outdone “Pooperstock?” That one has to be a classic!

So, what was the most embarassing “misspeak” you’ve made? I’ll bet you have some real doozies!


2 Responses to “Tongue-tied!”

  1. I’m sure I’ve had several embarrassing “misspeaks,” but I only remember one, because it came out really mean. My husband and I have a friend that we used to hang out with quite often. Sometimes we’d play dominoes. We sort of grew apart, but got together again last summer for a cook-out, and played dominoes for old times sake. My husband said something about how we should get a set of dominoes, and I agreed, and added, “then we wouldn’t have to hang out with XX any more.” (XX was sitting right next to me at the time). I’m not sure what I meant to say, but definitely not that the only reason we hung out with XX was to play with his set of dominoes! I had had some drinks and didn’t realize until later how mean this was. I called later to apologize, but I still feel bad about it.

  2. Royal Snap Says:

    Your boss never had any control to begin with! He’s hopeless!

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