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Too many problems, not enough solutions (eye color brownish-green) February 13, 2007

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I’m having one of those days. I almost dread looking at my email because each one seems to introduce one more problem landing on my shoulders to be solved and nowhere to go for solutions. I feel empathy for all of them because the problems are legitimate—on all sides. What to do, what to do?

I have lots of ideas for resolving some of these problems, but, very little power to make things happen. I can suggest, encourage, brainstorm and partner all I want to, but, until people at the top decide to make things happen, there’s little more that I can do. Sometimes this endless cycle just exhausts me. Maybe I’m just getting old, disillusioned and burned out. Seems to be an epidemic that’s going around the office right now. It is cyclic, we’ve been through it before. And, it isn’t surprising considering the very heavy project load, the small staff and the horrible endless winter weather. Blah!!!!!

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. The people around me will also feel better and we’ll be able to think more optimistically about our work and its direction. Every once in awhile, though, it’s cathartic to have a good whine fest and get it out of your system.


2 Responses to “Too many problems, not enough solutions (eye color brownish-green)”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    I hear ya. It’s rough when you’ve got such a great office to work in but it seems like sometimes the load from the outside does nothing but weigh you down.

    Have faith in that tomorrow is another day. 🙂

  2. LVJ Says:

    I must be the only one who finds the snow pretty and somewhat inspiring. I am ready for spring, though, with all the after-work activity possibilities it brings.

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