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It almost feels like spring! February 19, 2007

Filed under: My View on Weather,Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 7:31 pm

It’s amazing that a day in midwinter that is warmer than usual can make you believe that spring is just around the corner. People are much more energetic today, they literally have a spring in their step! I wandered around Sam’s yesterday and my husband was gushing about how wonderful it smelled in the grass seed and fertilizer section. After I finished having a sneezing fit (grass seed=allergies) I thought how amusing it is that a man can get so excited over a weedeater. It’s kind of cute.

This week is supposed to be a rare one this winter with temperatures around 50 degrees through the weekend. I’m going to defy winter and throw off my coat this week and walk around in my shirt sleeves. I’m even thinking about opening a window or two if it hits 50 degrees and airing out the house to get rid of the “winter smell.”

What are you planning to do to celebrate this little gift of spring in the middle of February?


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