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Monopoly Here and Now Edition February 21, 2007

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I couldn’t sleep last night. When I can’t sleep, I usually get up and do something completely mindless until I get drowsy and can go back to bed. Last night, that meant playing Monopoly online. But, this was the “new and improved” Monopoly. It’s the Here and Now Edition.

This Monopoly game is sort of hard to get used to. Instead of railroads, there are airports. Instead of waterworks and electric companies, there is cell phone and internet service. Instead of Park Place and Broadway, there is Fenway Park and Times Square.

And the money is measured in millions instead of hundreds. It’s a pretty scary thing when you see rent on an improved property climb into the “over $10,000,000 stratosphere.”

There is something I miss, though, about the nostalgia of the old version. It’s just not quite the same moving around the board with a hybrid car instead of a Rolls Royce. Yes, the game did the trick and after playing for awhile I was tired enough to go fall into bed and snooze, but, the experience is definitely something I’ll have to get used to. On the plus side, the paydays when you pass GO are now a cool $2 million! Probably the only million dollar paydays I’ll ever see!


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