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It’s easier to talk about food than people February 23, 2007

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You may have noticed that yesterday’s post was recipe related. I find that when there is too much going on in my life, I try to find things that are more comfortable to talk about–like food! Food is comforting, non-threatening and doesn’t ask me for answers. It demands very little, other than to be well prepared and enjoyed. Oh, and did I mention that parts of it never leave you? Yep, this fixation I have with food has caused me to really pack on the pounds in the past year or so.

I identified myself years ago as a “stress eater.” I’m also a “boredom eater,” a “celebratory eater” and a general “social eater.” The truth is, I don’t need much of an excuse. I have a really hard time dieting because my family likes to eat and they like for me to cook. I have always been surrounded by a bunch of tall, skinny kids (not from my genetics). If I wanted to diet, I really had to prepare a special meal for myself because the rest of the family needed more calories. Have you heard enough excuses yet?

I have to take this in hand. My strategy of making everyone around me fat so that I appeared to be thinner doesn’t seem to be working. The only one who has taken the bait has been our dog, Lucy. Somehow, having a fat Jack Russell doesn’t really help me that much. I’m still bigger than she is. Sigh…

So, what’s your motivation for starting a healthier eating program and sticking with it? And, no fair if you’re single and don’t have to cook for anyone else!


2 Responses to “It’s easier to talk about food than people”

  1. LVJ Says:

    I find that seeing myself on video is always a good, and depressing, trigger for a diet.

  2. Two things: first, a maximum weight capacity. I set a limit at my heaviest weight; when I creep up toward that number (and it’s happened a few times), I jump into “get in shape, girl” exercise mode. I’ve recently lowered that weight cap by 10#, so hopefully I’ll never again creep back up to my heaviest.

    Second, my mom recently bought two weeks at a time share in Cancun, where and when several other members of my tall, athletic Scandinavian side of the family also have time shares. I didn’t get their genes, and the thought of hanging out with them in a bathing suit is motivation to forgo afternoon snacks and eat fruit (that’s plain fruit, not topped with sugar, Cool Whip or ice cream!) for dessert.

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