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My View on the Academy Awards February 25, 2007

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 8:54 pm

Well, all of the hype leading up to the big event will be over tonight. The Academy Awards will finally be presented and I’ll once again be left to wonder what the big deal is all about.

I used to watch some of these in my younger years, rooting for my favorite movie or actor, taking a look at the ultra fancy gowns and jewelry being paraded down the red carpet and listening to the gracious acceptance speeches. However, those days have passed for me. Most of these awards shows have become one more place for the folks in charge to exercise their personal political opinions. The actors use the event as a place to slam whatever politician happens to be the “target du jour.” A lot of folks don’t bother with the elegant gowns, but, rather dress in something more geared to draw attention by means of the shock factor.

I watch movies win that no one I know has ever, or will ever, watch. I see other movies that by all the rules should win something, but, they’re shut out because the producer/director’s political views don’t match the Hollywood norm. About the only one I pay any attention to these days is the People’s Choice Awards. At least I feel like that’s a vote that truly reflects what the audience is thinking. I’m sure that according to Hollywood standards, I’m pretty stupid. After all, they do refer to this part of the nation as “fly over country.” But, I think it’s fair to say that I, like every other movie watcher, know what I like and what I don’t like. If I were asked to give awards for outstanding performances, I’d likely have a completely different slate of nominees to work from.

Are you planning to watch the Academy Awards? What actor/actress and what movie do you hope will take home an Oscar?


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