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In like a lion? March 1, 2007

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March made a grand entrance , complete with a massive thunder and lightning show in the early hours of morning. I was roused from slumber by the dueling sounds of the thunder and a whimpering Jack Russell terrier who was trying to wedge her chubby little body under my bed.

I loved the storm this morning. It made me feel that winter was in my rear view mirror and spring was straight ahead. I think others were feeling the same way. On the way to work this morning, the radio DJ’s were talking about planting and mulching and fertilizing and mowing the lawn. Ahhh, it always sounds so good at this time of year.

So, what’s your favorite part of spring? I love the first glimpses of new life, like the tiny crocuses pushing their way up through to poke their little heads through sometimes snowy ground. I love the first buds that appear on the trees, tantalizing us with the full spring splendour yet to come. I love the SMELL! There’s something about the way it smells after it rains and when things are growing. It’s fresh and it’s new. I like going outside without my coat. And, I like Easter!

I’m a spring baby, born on Easter Sunday. Maybe that’s why spring is so important to me. It represents rebirth. This year is special, too. My daughter’s birthday will be on Easter. (She almost followed in my footsteps, she was born the day AFTER Easter…)

Tell me all about your favorite spring things. Let’s get this party started! I’m sick of winter!


One Response to “In like a lion?”

  1. LVJ Says:

    My favorite part is having so much daylight left after work for outdoor activities — especially after we spring forward in a week and a half.

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