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The importance of today March 1, 2007

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There is something on my mind. What if today were my last day? What thoughts would I think? What things would I do? What would become important to me? Would I have regrets? As I thought about this question, I was amazed when I discovered how much time I spent thinking about and worrying about things that are totally unimportant. Really, when all is said and done, who really cares about how many gray hairs I have anyway?

I thought it might be a nice exercise to list the 10 things I would do if I knew today was my last day. What are your top 10 things to do?

1.        Tell my family that I love them

2.        Tell my parents thank you, for everything

3.        Spend time with my husband and my children talking about how much fun our life has been

4.        Say I’m sorry to anyone who needs to hear that from me

5.        Tell my friends how much they’ve meant to me

6.        Write a letter to the grandchildren I haven’t met yet

7.        Play the piano and sing some songs that I love

8.       Hold hands with my husband and take a walk at the farm

9.       Ask God to forgive me for my shortcomings and give thanks for this beautiful gift

10.    Say “see you later” and wait for you in heaven


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