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Is it too windy to BBQ? March 3, 2007

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This has been the question all day long at our house. We finally decided that if we chose something that could be done fairly quickly, there would probably be enough “calm” to manage something on the grill tonight. The decision: brats. Mmmmm…

There’s something so wonderful about any sort of food cooked outside on the grill. An average burger inside can become gourmet fare when touched by a flame, smoked with a bit of mesquite and bathed in a good BBQ sauce. There’s also something wonderful about a man who has a grill and knows how to use it!

I have a secret. I’m terrified of fire. Therefore, all grill related cooking must be done by my husband. That’s okay—he’s a master at it anyway. He also has a smoker and that’s another whole chapter of wonderful yumminess.

So, tonight brats. Tomorrow I’ll share my second favorite burger recipe. My favorite is just plain old BBQ hamburgers. The second favorite is a gourmet version that’s “good enough to make you slap your granny!”

What’s your favorite food from the grill?


One Response to “Is it too windy to BBQ?”

  1. LVJ Says:

    Chicken marinated in Dale’s sauce is mighty salty, smoky and good. Also, asparagus roasted on the grill is tasty.

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