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Cleaning out the flowerbeds March 8, 2007

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This time of year is wonderful! The temperatures, the smells, the anticipation of new growing things—all wonderful. Everything, that is, except cleaning out the flowerbeds…

I don’t know why I never seem to get that done back in the fall like I’m supposed to. Every spring, if I want to see the crocus and the jonquils that I so laboriously planted a few years ago, I have to remove all of the dead plant growth from the year before. Some insane woman (I think it was me) got a little overzealous when we built the new house and had her husband put in a 25 foot flowerbed on the west side of our home. Do you have any idea how many flowers it takes to fill up a 25 foot flowerbed? I didn’t either. It takes a whole lot. And every fall I’m supposed to clean their poor, dead little bodies out and ready things for the upcoming spring. And every fall I put it off until it’s cold and frozen and impossible. Sigh…

So, this weekend I’ll be appreciating this beautiful weather and getting down on my knees. Yes, I’ll be giving thanks for spring, but, mostly I’ll be cleaning out the flowerbeds. Maybe this is the year to buy more perennials! I like daisies…

What are you going to do to celebrate the fab weather this weekend?


One Response to “Cleaning out the flowerbeds”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    I’ll most definitely be trying to get out to the trail if it’s nice enough…I really miss running out there!

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