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The Formal Cake Tasting March 11, 2007

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Well, I’ll have to say this was one of the more pleasant wedding preparations on my to-do list! My daughter, her intended and I just tackled making the final decisions about the ever so important issue of the wedding cake. This included an appointment with the bakery to do a cake tasting to determine what we wanted.

The wedding cake will be 5 layers. The bottom layer and the top layer will be red velvet cake and the other layers will be the traditional white with raspberry filling. I have to tell you, that bakery sure knows how to throw together a red velvet cake. It was absolutely SINFUL!

The groom’s cake will be a lovely flavor called Mudslide. This is a chocolate and espresso flavor that will be covered in a fudge buttercream frosting and have some sort of chocolate ganache flowing down the sides. The two-tiered masterpiece will be topped with strawberries and shaved dark chocolate curls. I think I just gained a couple of pounds writing this description…

This is far and away more extravagant and detailed than the wedding cake at my weddings. My first marriage, I baked and decorated my own wedding cake. At both, the choice was white, white or white. At my daughter’s wedding, she’ll have red velvet, white with raspberry filling or Mudslide. My, how times change.

In addition to those mentioned, we also taste tested chocolate, lemon, strawberry, carrot and Irish Cream cake. I highly recommend this activity as something that helps the mother of the bride deal with the stress of helping plan the wedding. As a stress eater from way back, this was just what the doctor ordered! 🙂


2 Responses to “The Formal Cake Tasting”

  1. Annie Says:

    Yeah, I think I pretty much felt the same way! I will have to say though that mothers can help pick out some kick butt wedding cakes!!

  2. auntlelo Says:

    Ahhhh, thanks! After all, I’m all about the food!

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