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What do you do when you get REALLY mad? March 14, 2007

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I am a really bad person. No, really, I am. In my heritage I have Irish, Scottish and German. All of these are known for having hot tempers and a fighting disposition. Yup, I’m doomed.

Yesterday, my eye color was definitely of the bright green, get out of the way, I’m gonna say really nasty things and maybe hit someone sort of variety. I got so mad I gave myself a headache! So, I spent all evening ranting and raving (mostly to the walls so I wouldn’t offend my family or my dog) and trying to get it out of my system. Do you ever practice those wonderful and eloquent, totally SCATHING sort of speeches that you wish you could really use on someone? I do. I’m really, really good at those. Thankfully, I’ve gotten to the stage in my life where I realize those are more for therapeutic or entertainment value and I don’t actually deliver those in person. I practiced some real doozies last night.

I think the worst sort of “mad” I’ve experienced is when someone deliberately hurts one of my children. Hell hath no fury like a Mama protecting her babies, let me tell you. It doesn’t matter that they’re all grown up now, I feel as much anger towards someone who hurts my adult children as I did when they were little.

So, other things I do when I get mad:

I stomp

I eat

I yell

The storkbite in the middle of my forehead gets bright red

My eyes turn green and sometimes I cry (Note: this is a VERY dangerous and volatile situation. Back away carefully and run like the devil himself is on your heels.)

What do you do when YOU get really mad?


3 Responses to “What do you do when you get REALLY mad?”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    I usually crinkle up my forehead, scowl at something near my feet, grumble something unintelligible and then clam up, usually adding something to the affect of, “Whatevah…whatevah…do what you want.”

  2. Annie Says:

    I call mom!

  3. Voltaire Says:

    I stew. I lose sleep. I skip workouts. I fantasize that I’m a superhero gone bad, and the object of my anger is a horrible casualty of my going to the darkside. I eventually wind myself up so tightly that I become physically ill. And then I medicate with alcohol and expensive gifts … to myself.

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