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The Prison Singers March 16, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 8:14 am

I had an old pastor who used to refer to our choir as “The Prison Singers.” That meant we were behind a few bars and couldn’t find the right key. Hardy, har, har…

That is no longer an apt description of our choir. Although many of them cannot read music, they have become quite skilled at learning their parts by listening. Several of the people who are normally leaders in the choir sections were gone this week. We decided to try singing our Tenebrae music with the accompaniment CD for the first time. Wow. Never underestimate a small group of dedicated choir members! These folks really did their homework and I was very, very proud!

Now, if the choir director (meaning moi) could just manage to get the timing straightened out and prounounce the Latin/Hebrew words properly, we might have a prayer of doing a pretty fine job come Good Friday!


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