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Misuse of words March 17, 2007

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Well, the weather man warned us. Winter in the Show-me state wasn’t quite finished yet. This morning I woke and it was snowing. My beautiful little crocus and my jonquils are getting a blanket of the white stuff. I doubt it will hang around for long, but, it reminded me of how very ready I am for spring. Bring on the 70 degree weather, bring on the green grass, bring on the blooming trees and flowers and, oh by the way, bring on the Claritin-D. Always have to have that around to counteract all that spring blooming, right?

On to the topic at hand. I had an entertaining conversation yesterday regarding some of the words that children or others have misused and then those stuck because they were sort of funny or entertaining. For instance, my little sister used to say “magitch” instead of magic, and “ess gaditioner” instead of air conditioner. Other people said things like “pasketti” for spaghetti and “nakkin” for napkin. There was a “shiver” of pie instead of a sliver. Funny stuff, especially when adults continue to use those versions long after the child has corrected their grammar and moved on.

Do you have any funny misused words you remember from your childhood? Come on, tell the truth, you know you do!


2 Responses to “Misuse of words”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    Yup…while you guys were enjoying your dusting I was enjoying highs in the upper 70s and sun. I already miss sunny Florida.

  2. My grandfather had a riding lawn mower that everyone called a tractor. My brother called it a kra-kal.

    I amuse myself sometimes by thinking up ways to make people feel uncomfortable. One way I came up with would be to mispronounce everything. It’s cute when a kid does it, but awkward when an adult does. I know this because a friend of my mom’s has terrible grammar and mispronounces many words. She calls chicken nuggets McNugglets (even those that don’t come from McDonald’s).

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