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The Little Diva March 19, 2007

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I spent part of my day with a 3 year old diva. This particular diva went along with her mother and me specifically to buy a flower girl dress and a pair of little ivory shoes. We wanted to find one, multi-purpose pair of shoes so that they would be usable for the four weddings the diva will be in this summer.

The little diva was COMPLETELY fascinated by the walls of mirrors at David’s Bridal. She liked even better that the big wall of mirrors included a lovely little pedestal to stand on and admire oneself. Diva thought it absolutely perfect that along with the mirrors and the pedestal, there were tiny little satin shoes to try on and many, many people to watch her. 3 year olds are so open about themselves. She stared at her feet, she stared at her reflection and twirled around in front of the mirrors. She was blissfully happy. Happy, that is, until the time came to remove the shoes and put back on the ones she arrived in. Oh my goodness, we really DO know how to act like a diva!

Little diva will be very happy come the days of the weddings. I hope all these brides know they’re going to get a run for their money in the attention category. I don’t think little diva knows it won’t be her day.


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