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What’s Unreal About Reality TV March 21, 2007

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Yes, I confess, I watch “Dancing With the Stars.” It’s a torrid little secret, but, there it is. It’s out.

I will say that I have begun to take a more cynical view of some of the reality shows out there. Last night, there was a big effort to assure everyone that no special compensation was being given in the case of Heather Mills (McCartney) as the first disabled dancing contestant. However, they mentioned it so frequently, as if there was a human out there who didn’t already know about it, they certainly made sure the voting audience was feeling sympathetic. I also felt that she only took the gig on this program to help bolster her image in the midst of her nasty divorce from Sir Paul McCartney.

I’ve also noted that Survivor has also taken a turn for the worse. In the beginning, Survivor really did impress me as a more legitimate reality series. It was believable because the contestants were more “normal” people and you could see them truly suffering as they struggled to provide themselves with the most basic human needs: food, water and shelter. Now, the show has evolved into something totally different. The contestants are now a little too pretty and polished, the mix altered to be a little too politically diverse and correct, and the suffering has been greatly reduced. In fact, the current show even began by having the contestants build a lovely “shelter” and comfy furniture was provided. Come on!!!! This is supposed to be Survivor, for heaven’s sake, not a beach holiday.

Maybe it’s just a sign that reality TV has explored all of its plausible avenues and we, the public, have become bored and are ready to move on. The new versions of reality shows have just become too silly for words. Perhaps I’ll take my cynical self off to a corner and read a good book instead. I think I need a good dose of Robinson Crusoe to offset my disgust for this season’s Survivor!


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