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No cake for me. :( March 23, 2007

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We had a lovely little bridal shower at work today. It was for a young man in my office and his intended, who plan to get married in a small civil ceremony a week from Friday. We planned the perfect gourmet occasion to help them celebrate their pending nuptials—a burrito bar!

I also picked up a pretty pink cake decorated with entwined hearts and roses on the top and a white picket fence around the cake. What better way to acknowledge my friends who live in a pink house, right? There was only one small glitch in the day and it was all my fault…

When I planned the date for the shower, I hadn’t realized I would have to have a couple of medical tests the next day that required me to give up all solid food the day before. So, while everyone else was feasting on chicken and beef burritos, chips and the trimmings, I was quietly sipping some green tea. While the rest of the group dug into the pretty pink cake (it was a white cake with raspberry filling), all I could do was gaze longingly at the frosting and continue to sip green tea. Note: there is no possible way to make yourself believe that green tea tastes like a burrito. Believe me, I tried.

Oh well, the couple very kindly let me take a slice home so I can eat it tomorrow after the horrible tests are over. It’ll be even better than the ice cream after I had my tonsils out! Glad I have SOMETHING to look forward to tomorrow.


2 Responses to “No cake for me. :(”

  1. Josh Says:

    The cake was awesome! I had another piece today. 🙂

  2. brojames Says:

    I hope today you get to have your cake and eat it, too.

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