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From curls to crewcut March 26, 2007

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As someone who was a bit reluctant to allow her 14 year old son to have long hair, I find it a bit ironic that I am now equally reluctant to let him get a crewcut. It’s amazing how quickly one’s hairstyle defines your personality. My son has beautiful light brown curly hair, the kind that make girls jealous. Last night he informed me that when school was out he wanted to cut it short for the summer—a crewcut.

I know Moms aren’t supposed to have a strong opinion on these things and should let their kids choose their own style (within reason, of course). But, I will truly miss the cute curls that have made my son stand out in a crowd. I’m sure all the girls will miss them, too. Sigh…


2 Responses to “From curls to crewcut”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    Oh no! Tell him, I speak from experience, there may be a day when you want to grow your hair out and not be able to. Crew cuts are always easy to achieve…long and flowing locks, sadly, are not.

  2. Voltaire Says:

    Speaking as someone who’s gone from long hair (a bob, in the 80s, when men actually had them) from a flattop, I can say that the best experience is to do it … and then have everyone tell you how much better you look once you’ve grown it out again.

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