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The Lawn Geeks March 30, 2007

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‘Tis the season, as they say, for those who obsess about all things green (a.k.a. lawn geeks) to come out of their winter hibernation and begin to work their magic on their respective patches of grass. My husband, bless his little heart, is a true lifetime member of that secret society of geeks.

As soon as spring began to tease us with its periodic glimpses of warm weather and shoots pushing through the dead overgrowth of winter, my “lawn geek” was busy getting his Cub Cadet with the 50 inch deck ready for the season ahead. Sharpening blades, changing filters and oil, and checking the battery to make sure his prized piece of machinery was ready for the challenge of mowing three lawns and a park every week.

We started the planning discussions about what bushes in the front flower bed needed to go, what color mulch to have this year (we decided on a dark brown) and had our annual pep talk about how important it is for me to water the flowers ALL summer, not just the first week after I plant them.

Then, at long last, the grass was long enough to need mowing. “Lawn geek, start your engine!” What a sense of pride and satisfaction he felt when he surveyed the finished lush carpet of Kentucky blue grass. One week later, with our first Trugreen-Chemlawn bill in hand, and the season had officially begun.

He has what he’s always wanted. The neighbors are finally drooling over HIS lawn. He’s done well and life is good! Thank you lawn geek!


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