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The New Cell Phone April 1, 2007

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I finally fell to the popular opinion that my cell phone was an antiquated piece of technology and, let’s face it, an embarassment to my teenage son. He could hardly bear to be seen with me when I used it!

Yesterday, the time was right and I qualified for the BIG discount with the renewal of my two year contract. Since my birthday is also this month, I decided to get a really nice phone (happy birthday to me…). It is lovely, it’s a flip phone, it has all the whistles and bells AND changeable faceplates. But, most importantly, it has great ringtones. Right now I’m using Love, Love Me Do by the Beatles and Who Are You? by the Who.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin as a ringtone. BUMMER!

I barely got to spend any time at all with my phone yesterday. My 14 year old kept latching onto it and “setting things up” for me. He fancies himself a pretty high tech phone guy and even told the folks at the Sprint Store he’d be back in a couple of years for a part-time job. HAAAAAA!

So, call me, text me, IM me…I’m totally hooked up. I think I’ll personalize my message on my voicemail to be a little more entertaining in honor of the occasion!

What’s your ringtone these days?


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