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Bad Hair Day April 4, 2007

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Man, I really need a haircut. This becomes particularly obvious when I go outside, catch a few raindrops, and it completely destroys my coiffure. Not cool.

I’d like to try a new hairstyle, but, I don’t know what. Nothing in particular is really reaching out and grabbing me. My current hairstyle was taken from Sharon Osbourne. I even streaked my hair with the same sort of burgundy red color as hers, at least in the beginning. Now it’s back to it’s tired old brown, curly mop sort of appearance.

My son has stated that he wants to chop off his beautiful curly locks in favor of a crewcut this summer. Hmmm, wonder what I’d look like with a crewcut? 🙂  Probably not a good idea to do that sort of radical experimentation just before my son’s wedding. He’d have a hard time explaining a Mom that looked like a punk rocker!

What’s your best hairstyle success/failure? Turn your hair green or chop off your sister’s hair as a child? Tell all!


One Response to “Bad Hair Day”

  1. I had a slew of hair mistakes when I lived in Vancouver. One experiment turned my hair green (note: brunettes can not use henna!); subsequent “remedies” left me with shimmery gold hair that beckoned a crow to try to snatch it for its nest, a rather bewildering experience for me. I covered up the gold with brown and red highlights, leaving me with multi-colored hair that actually wasn’t too bad. Recently, I booked a haircut at a spa in Mexico, then canceled it because I have a difficult enough time explaining what I want to an English-speaking hairdresser. So, yesterday, I cut my own hair.

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