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The Fat Chick April 4, 2007

Filed under: The Adventures of "Fat Chick",Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 6:08 pm

No, it’s not me. Well, it could be, but, it’s not. At least not in this particular blog entry. There’s a new Fat Chick that’s come to live in my office for Easter. Every year, my boss brings me a pretty little trinket to mark the Easter season. Yesterday, she brought me the cutest little Fat Chick! We saw them as we walked back from lunch the other day, sitting chubby as you please in the florist shop window.

I thought everyone should meet the Fat Chick. In fact, I think Fat Chick will become my new mascot and live in my office all year. What do you think?“Fat Chick”


2 Responses to “The Fat Chick”

  1. LVJ Says:

    That chick is just going to get fatter if it keeps eating those delicious, sugary jelly beans.

  2. SpideyMizzou Says:

    How does that chick fit those big jelly beans in its little beak?

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