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Sore Fingers! April 11, 2007

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I’ve always been a keyboard musician (except for playing clarinet in band). I’m really struggling with the pain associated with playing a stringed instrument. I have a mountain dulcimer that I’ve been playing and it’s wreaking havoc on the fingers of my left hand. I need to buy a new box of bandaids.

There is something really satisfying about learning to play a new instrument. I think I must be a throwback to my ancestors who came from Ireland and Scotland, by way of Kentucky and Tennessee. I love Irish and bluegrass music, folk and traditional country. Dulcimer, mandolin and banjo are interesting to me and there’s nothing better than the sound of an acoustic guitar played well. While I don’t see myself ever being a gifted string musician, I am enjoying the process. If only I can develop some callouses quickly…

If you want to see what I’m listening to week by week, I’ve added a playlist under My Pages.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite type of music, artist or instrument? 


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