The View From My Window

The world as seen from my window and through my eyes

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray… April 12, 2007

Filed under: My View on Weather,Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 7:16 am

That’s the view outside my window today, folks. It’s amazing that it’s April 12th and the weatherman on TV this morning was predicting snow on Saturday. SNOW!!!! Can you believe it?

Normally at this time of year, my backyard looks like this:


Unfortunately, it no longer looks anything like this. We’re back to the sad, wintery state. All the pretty blooms on the pear and crab apple trees are brown and dropping. My peach trees in the side lawn are in the same condition. I can’t post any photos of my tulips and jonquils because they’re dead where they lay, sad remnants of what was supposed to be spring in Small Town, USA.

So sad. At least I got one photo to prove it was spring here, at least for a few short days!


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