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Kansas Has Improved! April 20, 2007

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The drive across Kansas today wasn’t nearly as bad as in the past. This was, in large part, to my ability to have a good cellular signal all the way across the state. In the past, I would lose my phone signal at about Hayes, KS and not get it back until I reached the airport in Denver. Sort of a problem when considering that’s exactly the kind of country where you’re likely to need a cell phone. You know, long distances between facilities, not too many houses, etc. However, this is now in my “much improved” category!

Another thing that made the drive across Kansas more bearable today was that it was actually more green there than at home. As we passed the many massive grain elevators throughout the state, it made me yearn for the days when my drive to and from work was dotted by working family farms. Today, that drive is marked by sub-divisions, convenience stores and a new golf course. I miss the farms and wonder who is going to feed all the people that will be living in those sub-divisions one day. Sometimes progress isn’t good, it’s just “progress.”

Another thing I like to look at on the drive through Kansas are the beautiful old churches that pop up all along I-70. Many of them are stone with tall steeples that you can see from many miles away. They sit tall and stately in the middle of wheat and corn fields. They make quite a statement.

It was a good trip today. It took us, in actual drive time, 11 hours and 11 minutes from our driveway to the in-laws house. Tack on a couple of hours for meals and gas stops and the whole trip was around 13 hours. I’ve been up since about 3 a.m. this morning, so I think it’s probably time to call it a day. I get to play on Saturday and Sunday and then it’s back to the purpose of the trip: business in Boulder.


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