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The Joys of Surfing at 28.8 April 23, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 10:32 am

I miss my T1. I miss my DSL. I miss my free Starbuck’s wireless. I am visiting my in-laws in a home that possesses no technology more current than a DVD player and am forced to connect by dial-up at 28.8!

It’s a real test of my patience to work in that kind of an environment. Pages that are usually swift to load are slow as molasses. Posting to my blog is an incredibly slow process (appreciate my dedication, please). However, there are a couple of high points in this.

The place where I have to use my laptop in the house is also the coolest place these days. Older folks on blood thinners tend to keep a pretty toasty house. 45 year old women definitely prefer the opposite temperature.

The slowness also gives me a chance to think more before I write. Not that it makes my writing better or more eloquent, but, I tend to write differently than when things move more quickly.

Oops, I just heard someone upstairs saying there’s something wrong with the phone line again. I’d better go remind them that it’s the sound that’s made when someone one is surfing the Web! 🙂

Hope the hotel in Boulder has a great wireless connection!


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