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Totally Exhausted April 30, 2007

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Wow, last week was a whirlwind and I think my age has finally caught up with me! All the travel last week with the time zone changes coupled with a weekend of heavy activity and little down time is causing my butt to drag a bit this Monday morning. The wedding on Saturday took most of the day and evening, and then Sunday was taken up with church, a bridal shower for daughter Annie and a tool shower for prospective son-in-law Josh. The evening ended with my falling into bed, one big tired and cranky blob. I think I woke up the same way this morning, feeling like I have an anvil on my head.

The showers were nice, but, I felt badly that events are starting to double and triple up and I have to choose between them. I missed a family bridal shower for daughter-in-law-to-be, Rhiannon, yesterday afternoon. I think all of the kids understand that we have to do our best to be there for the most important moments, as much as possible. I just wish I could do it all!!!!!

This tool shower business is a new invention, but, one that is engineered to make the groom feel more included in the pre-wedding events. It was a pretty practical thing, too. Annie’s young man took home a plethora of shop tools including an orbital sander, laser level, a variety of hand tools and gift cards and a very nice tool box. That should set this soon to graduate mechanical engineer up quite nicely!

Hope this week is quieter. I’m glad to be back at work and back to my normal routine.

Question: What do you do to get back on track when you’ve overdone it? 


One Response to “Totally Exhausted”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    It’s probably one of the hardest things to do…catch up on rest. My mother always said that you’ll never catch up, all you can do is try and keep on going. Perhaps this evening you need to just go home and curl up with a good book or some Zelda. Guitar Hero is a personal favorite cathartic release for me.

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