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Off my schedule and out of my mind May 31, 2007

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Between the wedding, a holiday weekend and general fatigue, my poor old brain can’t seem to keep track of what day of the week it is.

I’m such a creature of routine. Some people think that routine is boring, but, I tend to believe it’s comfortable. I get up around the same time most days. On the weekends I sleep in a little, but, am definitely not what you’d call a late sleeper. Monday through Friday, I hit my desk around 6:30-6:45 a.m. and leave around 5 p.m. I’m home about 6 p.m. and really like not having to go out or do anything in the evenings. And, I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE IN THE EVENINGS AFTER WORK. Yes, I’m a real homebody. Thankfully, I’m married to someone who’s the same way, so it’s never an issue.

I have choir practice on Wednesday nights, church on Sunday mornings and Saturday is for housework and/or play. When my routine is interrupted, especially for weeks at a time, I tend to get overly tired, moody and generally cranky. Oh, and my hair starts looking like crap. Don’t know that anyone besides me cares about that, but, it’s the gospel.

I’m looking forward to the end of this week when things can begin to fall back into some sort of routine. I know my poor husband is having the same issue. We’re barely even talking to each other at the moment. Not because we’re mad or irritated, but, we simply don’t have the energy. It’s sad to get old…

So, next week you can look forward to another conversation with “Fat Chick.” She has a lot to say and has been pretty testy about not having her regular appearance on my blog. Who knows what she’ll be up to when next we speak? 🙂


A surprise gift—how nice! May 29, 2007

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I was sitting in my office this afternoon and the UPS delivery guy shows up, unexpectedly. I was on the phone at the time, so, I assumed he had something for one of my staff and just brought it to the main office. However, I quickly realized it was for me and it looked interesting!

After ripping off the outside packaging, a lovely smell caught my attention. Ahhh, spices! Someone had sent me a beautiful and savory gift of spices from Penzey’s Spices! What an incredible treat! It was a set of grilling spices. They came packed in a box that included loose bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and whole nutmeg (the source of the heavenly smell). What a neat idea!

Thanks, Hilery, for the special treat. I have found a fun new specialty store, thanks to your help, and it’s right up my alley. I see additional purchases in my future!


Rehearsal, Rain, Ritual and Reception…almost May 28, 2007

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I would like to say the wedding took place without any problems, misfortunes or last minute changes. However, this is one that surely will go down in family history as one that had more than its share of misfortunes. The whole point, though, is that Bobby and Rhiannon are happily married and will have plenty of stories about the weekend to tell their children someday!

We thought the biggest battle would be against the elements. Rain threatened absolutely everything we did all weekend. But, the biggest battle was one that wasn’t anticipated. Around 11 p.m., the night before the wedding, Bobby was informed that the venue for their wedding reception had been shut down by the police because they didn’t possess a business license. So, slightly over 12 hours before a Sunday wedding on a holiday weekend, the bride and groom found themselves without a site for their post-ceremony merriment. Anxiety, panic, tears and anger were all fitting adjectives describing emotions Saturday night. The bride’s family didn’t sleep at all the night before the wedding. They managed to reach the pastor of their church, make emergency arrangements to use the fellowship hall and moved all of the tables, chairs, etc., that would fit into the church basement. It wasn’t quite big enough, there was no dance floor and it wasn’t handicapped accessible, but, it was a space and we were all grateful for it. God will provide!

Sunday morning, it rained and rained and rained. The backup location for the wedding was supposed to have been the original reception site. But, that was no longer available. We hoped and we prayed and about the time we needed to arrive at the wedding site, the clouds parted and the sun came out. The wedding was held at Loose Park after all. It may have been a little soggy and a bit warm and humid, but, it was beautiful. I have a nice sunburn to prove the sun was, indeed, shining on Bobby and Rhiannon’s wedding day!

This morning I slept in. I’m completely spent, but, very happy with the outcome of the weekend when all was said and done. The happy couple is married and off to enjoy a much deserved honeymoon. And I am back to work tomorrow!


Part one complete: rehearsal dinner a great success! May 26, 2007

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I misspeak. I shouldn’t call what we had last night a dinner, it was a feast.

Last evening was the wedding rehearsal for my son’s wedding. The weather held out and things went very well. Afterward, we all retired to Buca di Bepo’s for a post-rehearsal feast worthy of a big family celebration.

The couple bestowed gifts on their wedding party and, in addition, gifted their parents. The locket they gave me was beautiful, but, the note that went along with it was the thing that will always remain near and dear to my heart.

Bobby, it’s okay to be a Mama’s boy if that means you love me as much as I love you. It’s nice to be someone’s “rock.” And Rhi, welcome to our family. I hope the rain holds off and your outdoor wedding is everything you hope it will be.

I took lots of great photos and will post them when I get home on Monday.


Child #6 heading to high school May 25, 2007

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Today, our youngest son is graduating from eighth grade. He will be the last in a very long line of brothers and sisters to celebrate the end of this stage of his childhood and head to the semi-adult world of high school. He is very excited, to say the least.

I remember being terrified of going to high school at that age. He doesn’t seem to have any qualms about it at all. In fact, he is looking forward to nearly every aspect of the experience. It’s good to see that level of confidence.

Good luck, Allen! We’re awfully proud of you!


Eye color says: Go away. May 24, 2007

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They are brown-green, verging on bright green this morning. The best thing I can do for the world is just stay in my office with the door shut and not talk too much. I am not fit to be around people this morning.

If anyone needs anything, I plan to refer them to Fat Chick. She seems to be able to calmly handle anything and anyone that comes along without a single word passing her beak. And, after all, she is the one handling the use of the Magic Buttons these days (see previous post titled Magic Buttons).

I’ve taken four Motrin, had a cup of coffee and started my day reading something happy. Hope that works!


People are annoying me this week May 23, 2007

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Maybe it’s because I haven’t been sleeping very well. Maybe it’s the caffeine I’m trying to cut back on in the afternoon. Maybe it’s the weather or, just perhaps, it’s not me at all. People are really annoying me this week.

I have such a short fuse! Nothing seems to be going without a hitch. There are bumps in the road with everything and I think my personal attitude is just making it all worse. I have a meeting this morning with a team of folks that are at the very TOP of my annoyance list and I pray I can hold my temper and my tongue.

Coffee…I need coffee…

Hope they get back from Starbuck’s soon. I think I’m having withdrawal!


The evils of green tea May 22, 2007

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A somewhat misleading title, I’ll admit. It’s not that green tea is evil. The antioxidants are great. The taste is great; in fact, it’s somewhat addicting. The real evil is the caffeine.

For the past several weeks, I’ve found myself having unusual difficulty sleeping. Even though I’m exhausted, I can’t seem to fall asleep. Once I fall asleep, I have trouble staying asleep. It’s driving me crazy and making me cranky. However, I think I’ve discovered the culprits.

I start my morning with one cup of coffee (50% caffeinated, 50% decaffeinated). Later on in the morning, the group makes a run to Starbuck’s. I usually have a grande skinny vanilla latte (it’s a terrible vice). I’ve been doing that for a long time and hadn’t experienced any trouble, until recently.

I was introduced to Lipton bottled green tea with citrus (diet) and was hooked. I’ve fallen into the habit of drinking one or two during the course of the day at my desk. Generally, it’s one with lunch and maybe one during the afternoon. Then, I may have one during the evening at home. Oh my goodness, the terrible caffeinated evil I’ve unleased on my poor unsuspecting body!

So, it’s time to get myself in hand. I can have my coffees during the morning, but, no more than one green tea during the day and none after 6 p.m. This poor, tired old gal needs some sleep!


8 Glasses of Raspberry Lemonade… May 19, 2007

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I wouldn’t have believed it unless I’d witnessed it firsthand. Yes, my teenager went to dinner with us tonight and actually drank 8 glasses of raspberry lemonade while he downed his 45 shrimp (it was the special that included shrimp scampi and fried shrimp). It was pretty impressive. I think the boy must be part camel. We had an exceptional waiter tonight, and he was pretty impressed. He said he thought the boy must’ve broken a record.

I suggested that perhaps it would be less work for him next time if he just brought him a pitcher and a straw…


The Magic Buttons May 18, 2007

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Me: “Fat Chick, what in the world are you doing?”

FC: “I’m playing with these magic buttons I found on my table.”

Me: “What magic buttons?”

FC: “Someone has brought me some magic buttons that make help make me happy and stop worrying.”

Me: “Excuse me, Chick, but, I believe you’re confused. Those are MY buttons and my daughter gave them to me for Mother’s Day.”

FC: “If they’re on my table, they’re fair game. Besides, playing with them is fun. I notice that they’re addictive. Everyone who walks in the room can’t help but push a button while they’re here. They’re like a powerful drug or something.”

Me: “Yes, so I’ve noticed. By the way, I’d appreciate it if you’d stop pushing the “Feel Good” button when I’m on the phone. It’s a little hard to explain James Brown screaming “I Feel Good” to the people on the other end of the call.”

FC: “That’s your problem. For now, nothing you can say will worry me cause I feel soooooo good!”