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Must Build a Smaller Me May 1, 2007

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It’s time. I started putting on some of my spring and summer clothes from last year and it wasn’t pretty. Thank GOD for elastic waistbands and stretchy fabric!

I’ve been planning to do something about my steadily increasing girth for some time, but, choosing when to start is the most difficult. I have to find about a two week period of time for planning, adapting and settling in that is relatively low in activity and without a lot of stress. Hmmm, maybe in 2008?

I have no choice. I have to do something now. I figure I can start by just adding healthier foods to my daily meals and avoiding some of those really bad things. There is no candy, especially chocolate, in my office for stressed out binge eating. I stopped on the way to the office this morning to buy fruit and some healthier lunch choices so that I can more successfully avoid the fast food fries and too large portions that are problematic when eating out. I even bought some Slim Fast and some diet snacks. (These snacks are to replace the stale ones that have been in my desk drawer since last year when I had the same plan.) 🙂

Hopefully, things will go better this time and I’ll be able to peel off 5-10 pounds fairly quickly. I don’t intend to set any grandiose goals this time. Those only tend to make me feel like a failure faster. I think I’ll focus on changing some of the really bad habits I’ve developed in the past couple of years, one at a time, and let the rest happen as it will.

Wish me luck and don’t offer me any chocolate or donuts for a couple of weeks, please!


One Response to “Must Build a Smaller Me”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    Good Luck! Just remember that you can only eat healthy one meal at a time. It’s not even one day at at time and especially one week at a time. You’ll only get overwhelmed that way. Just focus on one meal at a time and…this is the hard part…no snacking…at all. I know it seems like it’s ok, but snacking adds up quickly. If you cut out snacking I bet you’ll see your goal reached quickly!

    Keep the faith!

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