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Strike Resolved: Fat Chick Accepts Oreo Thin Crisps As A Compromise Solution May 4, 2007

Filed under: The Adventures of "Fat Chick" — auntlelo @ 4:30 pm

Me: “Fat Chick, please, can’t we just discuss this?”

FC: (Silence)

Me: “I brought something for you to try. Won’t you just try one?”

FC:  (Still sitting in stony ceramic silence)

Me: “I brought you some Oreo’s Fat Chick!”

FC: “AHA! I knew you’d cave. You ALWAYS cave on the third day!”

Me: “No, Chick, I didn’t cave. I just found a way to have legal chocolate and it isn’t Slim-Fast.”

FC: “That sounds suspicious. I don’t trust you since you made me try that awful, chalky tasting garbage.”

Me: “Just try it. You’ll like it. I promise!!”fc-oreo.jpg

FC: “Hmmm, these aren’t too bad. Are you sure they’re legal? And, what’s this about the cocoa being processed with alkali? Are you trying to off me like all those poor pets that ate the tainted food? Really, the strike was only a little joke. As far as jobs go, this one’s not too bad!”

Me: “No, there’s nothing wrong with them. I eat them myself. Knock yourself out, only 100 calories for the whole bag!”

The moral of this story: there is always a diplomatic solution when dealing with your alter ego. Just get out the chocolate.


2 Responses to “Strike Resolved: Fat Chick Accepts Oreo Thin Crisps As A Compromise Solution”

  1. The mini Diva Says:

    Fat Chick,

    Don’t do it!!! You can’t give in to Oreo wannabes. There is more to chocolate treats than just the chocolate. Oreo chocolate crisps do not equate to an Oreo! You must have that creamy white center to make an Oreo, just as you must have peanut butter to make a true luscious experience called a Reeses. Don’t let her make you think she’s giving you chocolate, she’s trying to brainwash you. Don’t believe anything she tells you!!

  2. Bobby Says:

    my mother has lost it!!!!!!! she is officialy crazy.

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