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Bobby gets a house, a deck and a home for his BBQ Grill! May 8, 2007

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My oldest son, Bobby, called me this weekend with the wonderful news. He and his bride-to-be finally found a house! They’ve been living in a tiny apartment. You know the kind where you have to go outside to change your mind? The house is a little 3 bedroom place with a 1 car garage, hardwood floors, a great deck and a fenced in backyard. Their precious pup, Mac (short for MacGyver) will be very happy to have his own spacious area to romp in.

The most important thing about this new move is that Bobby will finally be able to have his BBQ grill back at his own place. Ahhh, the smell of grilling meat and smoky goodness. It’s the thing that makes guys happy!

So, Bobby and Rhi, congrats on the new place. I can’t wait to see it and sounds like you’ll have an extra room so expect some company now and then… 🙂 (Just teasing!)


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