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Happy Birthday Mark! May 11, 2007

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My husband celebrated his birthday today and chose to spend a quiet evening at home. In fact, he also made the choice to cook part of his own birthday feast. He requested bacon wrapped filets on the grill. I must say, he did a mighty fine job. (I’ll have to say the rest of us were completely tickled that he made that choice, too!)

He got what he wanted for his birthday. Yes, hints do work sometimes! We got him Bose earphones for his iPod. I’m not sure this was a great decision. It was hard enough to talk to him before with those things in his ears. With the Bose earphones, he doesn’t seem to hear ANY outside noise. I guess I’ll just talk to myself a little more…

Hope he had a great birthday. It was a landmark day because Papa got to talk to all 6 of his children. It made the day complete.


One Response to “Happy Birthday Mark!”

  1. Mark McKee Says:

    OK, you win. I started my own blog. If you want to read it, it is It will be hard to compete with The Adventures of Fat Chick, but I’ll try to entertain as much as possible.

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