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I Have a Bunch of Terrific Kids May 13, 2007

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When your kids are little, you think it’s impossible to love them any more than you do at that moment in time. I have to tell you that you can. Now that my kids are grown up, they just get better every day that passes and I find that not only do I love them more, but, I admire them and respect them.

You know what Mother’s Day really is? It’s a time to look at each one of your children and marvel at the people they’ve become and give thanks that you were blessed to have a part in their lives. It’s a time to stop and offer a prayer for their future and ask God to guide them down the right path. It’s a time to enjoy not only being their parent, but, also their friend. I’m glad to be at that point. I’ve said a million times to them “Everybody else can be your friend, but, I’m the only Mom you’ve got and I have to do my job.” Now, I can relax a bit and say how nice it is to be their friend.

So, thank you kids for my special day and for remembering me. You are a blessing to me.


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