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Hijacking the Mother’s Day Chocolates May 14, 2007

Filed under: The Adventures of "Fat Chick" — auntlelo @ 3:12 pm


Me: “Fat Chick, what do you think you’re doing? Those are my chocolates!”

FC: “Tough luck, chickie, I got to them first. I get first pick as compensatory damage payment.”

Me: “What are you talking about? What compensatory damages?”

FC: “I have suffered inhumane treatment at your hands. I have been deprived of goods essential to my health and wellbeing. There’s been no chocolate in here for at least two weeks! I was going to sue!”

Me: “Oh, good grief! Get a grip on yourself. You’d think you were a human being or something, the way you’re going on about this thing.”

FC: “Oh, now I can add discrimination to my list of grievances!”

Me: “Okay, fine. I’ll share my chocolate with you. Just leave the dark chocolate ones for me, would you?”

FC: “Too late. I ate those first.”

Me: “You’ve got to be kidding me! My son and his fiance sent those to me! You can’t eat all my Mother’s Day chocolate, it just isn’t right. I was willing to share, but, you’ve already eaten half of them and they were all my favorites. I need to start locking them up!”

FC: “I’d find them. It wouldn’t do any good.”

Me: “I think it’s time you left my desk and went back to the table. Stealing a person’s Mother’s Day chocolates is pretty low, even for a ceramic chicken.”

FC: “That’s fine with me.  Those roses on the table are looking pretty tasty…”


2 Responses to “Hijacking the Mother’s Day Chocolates”

  1. Annie Says:

    Seriously mom, you have a problem…

  2. auntlelo Says:

    Of course I do! I have a chicken who is stealing my chocolates!

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