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Countdown May 16, 2007

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I’m starting to count the number of days, not weeks, now till the first of the big family milestones of the summer arrive. In just 9 days, our youngest graduates from junior high and will officially become a high schooler. That same evening, we’ll host a rehearsal dinner for my oldest son’s wedding. They will tie the knot on May 27th.

I’m also starting to focus on the final details. Does everyone have all of the special clothing items they need? Anything need to go to the dry cleaner? All dinner arrangements finalized? Gifts purchased? Extra inhaler? Valium?

It sounds like all of the things that people can control have been handled. Now, if we can just manage to get the weather to cooperate and have a nice, clear day for an outdoor wedding, all will be well.

Oops, I forgot to get “Fat Chick” a fancy hat to wear! How could I have forgotten her?  🙂


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