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Fat Chick Joins the Guitar Hero 2 War May 16, 2007

Filed under: The Adventures of "Fat Chick" — auntlelo @ 3:30 pm

Never let it be said that just because chickens don’t have fingers that they’re incapable of playing a stringed instrument! My teenager hung out at my office this afternoon after an orthodontist appointment and Fat Chick joined him in the conference room for a little Guitar Hero training.

Allen: “Hi, Fat Chick!”

FC: “Hi! I heard the music and thought I’d come and check things out. What’s going on?”

Allen: “Just playing a little Guitar Hero 2 to pass the time while I wait for Mom.”

FC: “Cool! Can I give it a try?”

Allen: “Uh, I don’t know. I’ve never seen a chicken play a guitar before.”

FC: “I’m not just ANY chicken, you know. I’m an alter ego.”

Allen: “Okay, you can give it a shot. Let me give you a few pointers.”


FC: “This isn’t so hard. I think I can try it solo now.”

Allen: “So, what do you want to play, Fat Chick?”

FC: “I think a few riffs of “Free Bird” ought to suit me just fine!”


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