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Lucy the Mole Killer June 3, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 2:34 pm

I’m so proud of Lucy, the family’s Jack Russell Terrier! She’s almost 10 years old now and she’s finally, FINALLY, learned to kill the moles that wreak havoc on our lawn.

In the past week, she’s rid our yard of 4 of the pesky creatures. I think it’s partly because we put her on a diet. 🙂

She’s pretty entertaining to watch. She’ll stand at a mole hole, focused and completely still, for long periods of time. She pounces and digs and sniffs and pounces some more. Next thing you know, out she comes with the nasty little mole. Pretty impressive!

Now, if she could only catch those squirrels she chases off the deck, her life would be perfect.


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