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The view from the window of our local noodle establishment June 6, 2007

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My sister and I had lunch today at our local noodle establishment. I had pad thai, she had some sort of whole wheat Tuscan noodle mess. But, that wasn’t the interesting part of the lunch.

I sat facing the window during lunch and it was amazing to me the number of pregnant women that walked by or into the restaurant while we were sitting there. I started making comments about how I hoped there was nothing in the noodles that caused this particular phenomenon, because I counted at least 7 or 8 while we were eating lunch. Then, I began to notice something even more distressing and disturbing.

Other people I looked at bore the same type of profile in the noodle establishment. Men, older women, all had the same protruding tummy that had earlier only been seen in women expecting babies. Yikes! It was something in the noodles after all! All those carbs and fats have created a population of waddling people!

I carefully put down my fork, didn’t finish my noodles and declared it was time to go. My sister wasn’t quite ready to go back to the office grind quite yet, but, we soon took our leave. I carefully avoided catching a glimpse of myself in profile for the rest of the day, fearing I’d remind myself of someone who was about to deliver a bundle of joy.

Sorry noodles, I love ya, but you’ve got to go!


One Response to “The view from the window of our local noodle establishment”

  1. LVJ Says:

    Unfortunately, you could look around at most restaurants and see the same thing. When I worked at a restaurant, I would always laugh at the people who would order two huge slices of pizza and a Diet Coke. Yeah, that’ll do it!

    Sadly, your post made me hungry for noodles.

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