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Pranks, tricks and other useful ways to spend your time June 14, 2007

Filed under: My View on People — auntlelo @ 6:09 pm

I have a deep, dark secret. I love a good prank or joke. But, my husband loves them even more. Mine are usually pretty minor, like moving someone’s shoes or stringing together all their paper clips in one long string, but, his are usually well conceived and well executed acts of trickery. The end result is a lot of fun and people remember his forever.

Let me tell you about one of his most famous ones:

He used to work with an older guy. They were cleaning out closets one day and came across several items that had been left behind. Later that day, he walked up behind the guy, slapped him on the back and asked how he was doing, passing pleasant conversation. After all, my husband’s a very nice guy! Soon after, the guy left work and went to the nursing home to see his Mom. After spending a great deal of time walking around the nursing home talking to staff and other residents, his sister arrived. Only then did he learn that he’d been walking all over the place with a maxi pad stuck in the middle of his back. It has since become a classic gag that has gone down in family history.

Today, another gag was played and it, too, will probably become a classic. I’ll save that one for another blog entry. They’re too good to share them all at once! Wow, I wish I were that creative!


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