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The hidden dangers of tortilla chips June 15, 2007

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Yes, I knew that title would draw you in. You couldn’t help it, it contained the name of a food item. You’re sooooo easy…

It’s true. Tortilla chips are a dangerous food item. You might think it’s because they’re full of calories and so darn tasty and addictive. Or, you might think it’s because they have all that sodium that causes you to retain the masses of fluid you drink while eating them. It could be all the decadent things we eat with them: spicy salsas, yummy guacamole, luscious queso dips. It might be because they’re prone to crumbling when you munch on them and can make a terrible mess. But, no, none of those reasons are what make the tasty snackers so incredibly dangerous.

What is it, you ask? It’s the terrible, sharp edges that will slice the roof of your mouth like a knife. Oh the pain and agony of having a lovely chip full of hot and spicy salsa in your mouth, only to bite down and have it cut you when you least expect it. Top that with the additional pain of hot salsa and salt getting into the wound and you’ll understand my dilemma.

These things should come with a warning label: eat at your own risk. If the calories, fats and sodium don’t kill you first, you’re sure to experience this particular eating accident at some point. My advice? Stick to guacamole. It doesn’t burn as much!


One Response to “The hidden dangers of tortilla chips”

  1. The “scoops” cleverly protect against roof-of-mouth punctures, lulling the hungry snacker into a false sense of security… then hit with the double-whammy of nefarious trans fat and high fructose corn syrup. You just can’t let your guard down around tortilla chips, they’ll get you one way or another in the end.

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