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Rooting for the “Waffle House” cook June 22, 2007

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I don’t know why I love Hell’s Kitchen, but, I do. I think it’s because it really exposes to a large audience of inexperienced cooks just how much skill it really takes to put a great meal on the table for scores of people in a short period of time. I also find it entertaining to see just how many supposedly “trained” young chefs are completely incapable of seemingly simple tasks. A shining example of that appears in the first episode when one after the other fails in their ability to fry a tiny little quail egg for appetizers. It took the practical experience of the previously shunned Waffle House cook, Julia, to put them all to shame as she quickly and deftly managed the task in a few short minutes.

Julia continued to watch, learn and apply her steady work ethic to put them to shame on other occasions. She even earned a personal thanks from Chef Ramsay when she not only completed breakfast service for her team, but, also helped finish breakfast service for the men’s team who seem unable to complete anything this season.

Long story short, she may not be classically trained or have experience working in a fine dining establishment, but, it’s difficult to hide when you’re just a hardworking and good cook. My money is on Julia this season.


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