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A drunk squirrel June 24, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 8:35 pm

I promised I would share with you another of my husband’s best pranks. He’s notorious for pulling his best ones on the fellas he works with. Apparently, there is a gentleman who does some odd jobs occasionally around the shop. It is also apparent that this person loves beer a little too much. In fact, my husband told me that his pickup is full of beer cans—all the way up to the seat on the passenger side.

One day when he was visiting the shop, my husband decided to have a little fun with him. He borrowed one of the empty beer cans from his pickup and utilized a poor dead squirrel from the parking lot and proceeded to give the poor guy a bit of a start when he finally returned to his truck. I expect he hates it when squirrels drink all that beer and throw the emptys in the floor!



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