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Fat Chick and Feng Shui June 12, 2007

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Me: “Hey, Fat Chick, did you notice anything different about the office?”

FC: “Ya, I think you got a leak somewhere. It’s really annoying me.”

Me: “Good grief, Chick, it’s my new fountain. Don’t you like it? It’s something to help me achieve better harmony with my environment. You know, feng shui.”

FC: “Sounds like a leaky faucet to me. I’m moving to the table again. I’m getting all wet!”

Me: “Really, it’s going to make a big difference for us. It will be a more relaxing atmosphere. Think of it as your own personal sea of tranquility.”

FC: “I don’t know about you, but, that noise is just making me need to use the little chick’s room!”


A scary night in Mack’s Creek June 10, 2007

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My poor daughter and her fiance had a worrisome and uncomfortable experience last night. Their car broke down around 1 a.m. someone in the dark, and they spent several hours by the side of the road in the vicinity of Mack’s Creek. When you’re on the phone trying to tell people where you are so they can send a tow truck, it’s pretty hard when they’re not familiar with the area and neither are you. Plus, when the only landmarks around you are trees, trees and more trees, and the person on the other end of the line does not speak English as your first language, things can get pretty frustrating.

Things got better when the tow truck arrived. The driver was a really nice guy from Augusta, GA, and made them feel much better. However, it was 5 a.m. before they finally made it home. Her fiance’s poor car will have to have some serious attention before it makes another trip down here to Small Town, USA.


Something weird about a 45 year old mom playing Guitar Hero June 8, 2007

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Yes, it’s true. My husband and I both spent a good part of our Friday evening playing Guitar Hero II with the teenager. It was embarassing. The embarassment didn’t stem from the fact that we were playing, but, at how bad we were. There’s something completely humbling about seeing “Song Failed” come up when you’re a fairly seasoned musician, especially since it was on the easy level.

I’ll have to admit, I didn’t know very many of the songs. Maybe I’ll just let my son play the songs and I’ll take up a new activity—“sweatin’ to Guitar Hero!”


The value of an afternoon “roadtrip” June 7, 2007

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There’s something about 3 p.m. on a muggy summer afternoon. Especially when you’re staring at a computer screen and working on something as sinister and nasty as re-writing a policy document. It was definitely time for a road-trip.

It was amazing how easy it was to inspire my fellow computer junkies to bail on their tasks at hand and join me in my search for something to help me make it through the afternoon. I wandered through the office bemoaning the fact that the caffeine run to Starbuck’s seemed to be a morning activity when what I needed was something to revive me in the afternoon! The next thing I know, I had picked up some handy intel about a couple of the guys discussing an ice cream run. The rest, well, it was pretty easy.

Within 5 minutes, 6 afternoon slackers were all headed down the street in search of something to lift the spirits. The instructions were simple—if anyone asks, this is an informal staff meeting. It was a great afternoon for a walk. On the return, we had everything from iced coffee, to Coke floats and orange creamsicle drinks in our hot little hands. Ahhh, I love summer. That is, the road trip parts of it. 🙂


The view from the window of our local noodle establishment June 6, 2007

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My sister and I had lunch today at our local noodle establishment. I had pad thai, she had some sort of whole wheat Tuscan noodle mess. But, that wasn’t the interesting part of the lunch.

I sat facing the window during lunch and it was amazing to me the number of pregnant women that walked by or into the restaurant while we were sitting there. I started making comments about how I hoped there was nothing in the noodles that caused this particular phenomenon, because I counted at least 7 or 8 while we were eating lunch. Then, I began to notice something even more distressing and disturbing.

Other people I looked at bore the same type of profile in the noodle establishment. Men, older women, all had the same protruding tummy that had earlier only been seen in women expecting babies. Yikes! It was something in the noodles after all! All those carbs and fats have created a population of waddling people!

I carefully put down my fork, didn’t finish my noodles and declared it was time to go. My sister wasn’t quite ready to go back to the office grind quite yet, but, we soon took our leave. I carefully avoided catching a glimpse of myself in profile for the rest of the day, fearing I’d remind myself of someone who was about to deliver a bundle of joy.

Sorry noodles, I love ya, but you’ve got to go!


Do…not…threaten…MEEEEEEEEE! June 5, 2007

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This is what happens when you ask too much of your staff…



Happy Trails, Marc!

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Me: “Fat Chick,” are you protesting again? What in the world are you wearing?

FC: I’m not really protesting, just sending a message to a friend.

Me: Oh, I see. You’re sending a message to my friend Marc. Yes, today is his last day. We’ve worked together for 13 years, you know.

FC: Wow! He must be a patient sort of fellow! I’ve only sat in the office with you for a few months and it’s been a real battle some days. I’m about ready to wear that “I Feel Good” button out! So, what do you remember most about Marc?

Me: Well, I remember that when he first started, he always used to introduce himself and then immediately tell people he was a reserve police officer from Hallsville. Law enforcement was always important to him.

FC: Did he carry his gun to work???

Me: No, but, the ladies in the big guy’s office next door always said if someone who looked threatening came in that he was going to have to protect everyone.

FC: What else do you remember?

Me: He has a passionate interest in royalty, he used to raise sheep in 4H, he was sort of “bah humbug” about holidays and he loves Mizzou football. In fact, I managed to get him a Mizzou football helmet for Christmas one year. I think it was one of my more successful Christmas gifts!

FC: 13 years is a really long time.

Me: Yes, it is. We really grew up together in our jobs here. We shared lots of monumental days together.

I remember the day he found out he was going to be a daddy. His wife called him and asked him to meet her outside. They took a little stroll around the Quad and when he came back, he looked completely dumbfounded. I kept asking him if he was alright, but, he was pretty quiet. After awhile he finally told me that he was going to be a father and that it was twins! It was a landmark day!

FC: You must have worked pretty closely.

Me: Actually, we did. So close, in fact, that our desks and chairs in our first office were only about 5-6 feet apart. It was pretty close quarters. But, there were lots of memories in that little office.

FC: Sounds like he’ll be missed.

Me: Oh, absolutely. There will never be another Marc. I think the guy really DOES bleed black and gold. Wait, “Fat Chick”, there’s more than the sign that’s says “so long Marc” on you. What’s this other one say? “Abercrombie & Fitch?”

FC: Are you looking at my butt? 🙂

From me, and my alter ego “Fat Chick”, best of luck, friend, and happy trails. We wish you all the best in your new job and remember to come back and visit once in awhile.


Lucy the Mole Killer June 3, 2007

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I’m so proud of Lucy, the family’s Jack Russell Terrier! She’s almost 10 years old now and she’s finally, FINALLY, learned to kill the moles that wreak havoc on our lawn.

In the past week, she’s rid our yard of 4 of the pesky creatures. I think it’s partly because we put her on a diet. 🙂

She’s pretty entertaining to watch. She’ll stand at a mole hole, focused and completely still, for long periods of time. She pounces and digs and sniffs and pounces some more. Next thing you know, out she comes with the nasty little mole. Pretty impressive!

Now, if she could only catch those squirrels she chases off the deck, her life would be perfect.


Thai-ing on my lunch June 1, 2007

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I went with the crowd from work to a new place for lunch today. We had a meal at the Thai Kitchen. It was pretty good. We all had variations on the daily special. I’m not a fan of curry, so, I had Ginger Cashew Chicken and something else. Obviously, I can’t remember what it was, but, it was edible so I ate it.

The spring roll was good and I enjoyed the Ginger Cashew Chicken. But, I’ll have to admit that Banghkok Garden is still my favorite. It was a nice time, though. We were giving our photographer (Jim) a bit of a send-off. He’s not going far. He’s just planning to reinvest the hours he used to spend snapping photos for us into finishing up his graduate project. He’s a good photographer, fun to work with and an all-around good fella. I reckon we’ll miss him!

The down side of lunch today is that I obviously dribbled lunch down the front of my shirt and didn’t notice it until just now. Grrr…how embarassing!