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Surprise guests from Atlanta July 6, 2007

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Thursday evening at our house:

We were about half way through a lovely dinner (thick cut bronzed porkchops cooked on the grill with roasted asparagus) when the phone rings. My husband starts making those comments on the phone that throw me into a mild panic.

“How are you? You’re where? Sure, we’d love to see you. Do you remember how to get to the house? No? Let me give you directions!”

About that time I’m waving my arms in his face.

“Who is it? Where are they? When are they coming? How long till they get here? My gosh, the house is a disaster! It’s THURSDAY, for pete’s sake!”

The only day worse than Thursday at our house is Friday. By that time, we’ve accumulated a lot of clutter. You know the kind. There was mail all over the kitchen counter. Wedding paraphernalia scattered about the house. Laundry waiting to be done. The bathroom needed to be cleaned. The vacuum needed to be run. A dust cloth would have been a nice touch. And, we were in the middle of dinner and there were dishes that needed to be done. YIKES!

My husband gets off the phone and says his cousin and his wife from Atlanta were on their way back from Denver, are just outside Columbia and on their way here. They should be at our house in about thirty minutes.

The phone rings again and it’s my mother-in-law asking if we had company. Geesh! Couldn’t someone have given me a clue? They know my house isn’t like the photos in Better Homes and Gardens! By Thursday, it’s a freaking disaster area!


Four bodies quickly rose from the table and scattered to opposite parts of the house to try and make it presentable to out of town family who had never seen it. Thirty minutes later, the house was tidied up, a fresh pitcher of iced tea and fresh pot of coffee were made and I was happy that I still had a good amount of a special lemon yogurt cake with  blueberry sauce on hand to offer guests.

The family arrived. We had a nice leisurely visit, a little dessert and a little coffee. We caught up on the news and offered them a bed for the night, but, they opted to continue on to St. Louis so the morning travels wouldn’t be quite as difficult.

It was good to see them. This should be a lesson to me not to let my house get so out of hand by the end of the week. I need a housekeeper!!!!!!


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