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The Kleenex Thief July 10, 2007

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Me: “Fat Chick, have you seen my Kleenexes?”

FC: “They’re with me, here on the table.”

Me: “What are they doing over there?”

FC: “I thought I’d do you a favor and give you an excuse to exercise a bit.”

Me: “What in the world are you talking about?”

FC: “Seems to me the only exercise you get lately is reaching for something. Reaching for your cup, reaching for a snack, reaching for the Kleenex. I figured after the most excellent allergy display yesterday that I’d help you out and make you get up and walk to the Kleenex box.”

Me: “Did I ever tell you that you’re just plain mean?”

FC: “Oh, a couple of times a day or so. It doesn’t really matter. I like being mean. After all, I am your alter ego!”

Me: “If you don’t give me back my box of Kleenexes, I’m going to spew mucus all over you next time I sneeze!”

FC: “What do you think that’s going to do, crackle my finish? Really, woman, you must think my glaze is pretty thin if you expect me to be threatened by that. Why don’t you just do the easy thing and get up and move once in awhile?”

Me: “Although I disagree with your tactics, I have to agree with your point. I need to move around more. I’m becoming a sedentary lump in a chair. Okay, you win. I’ll get up and move around more. Now can I have my Kleenexes back?”

FC: “I don’t know. I kind of like this pretty blue box. It looks pretty good next to my yellowness, don’t you think?”

Me: “My gosh, Chick, you are so incredibly vain. I’ll leave it on the table for now, just to humor you. But, just so you know, it makes you look a little green.”


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